Terms & Conditions

Please read all of these terms and conditions
You accept these terms & conditions by registering an account with Global Biz Buyer. You must read all our terms and conditions to make sure you are happy with this document.

1. These terms & conditions will apply to the services you registered for provided by the website globalbizbuyer.com and any user using the website globalbizbuyer.com We are trading as Global Biz Buyer with our main email address of contact@globalbizbuyer.com.

2. These terms & conditions on the services we provide will be accepted by you the customer when registering with Global Biz Buyer. You will be asked to agree to these terms and conditions by clicking the tick button marked “I agree with terms-conditions“. If you do not click the tick box, you will not be able to register with Global Biz Buyer. After registering you will buy your service via PayPal recurring monthly payment. You will need to use your PayPal account or register a new PayPal account within the payment process. You can only make payments to services provided from Global Biz Buyer if you are 18 or above, you will also need to be 18 or above to open a PayPal account. Opening an account with Global Biz Buyer you confirm you are 18 or above and will enter into this contract. If you are registering for our free 12 months offer you will not need to make any payments to Global Biz Buyer unless you upgrade your account.

3. Any user using Global Biz Buyers website accepts our Cookies & Privacy Policy.

4. If you cancel your paid service within 14 days you will be be refunded for what you have paid and your account will be permanently closed, also deleting your user account. You will not be able to log back in once refunded and your listing will be deleted and lost. In order to request a refund you must email us on contact@globalbizbuyer.com with your listing ID. We will then email you directly on closing your account. Your refund will be processed via PayPal, the same way you paid. Your refund will either go directly into your bank account or used card or will show on your PayPal balance depending on how you have setup your PayPal account.

5. Global Biz Buyer is providing an online service only and does not ship any goods to any address in any country. You may however have to provide a shipping address with the Payment service provider we use.

6. Global Biz Buyer is only an online advertising website your listing your business for sale. We do NOT have any involvement with selling your business. You the user only use this website to advertise your business for sale. Global Biz Buyer does not have any involvement in transactions between your business for sale and the potential buyer and the buyer.

7. Global Biz Buyer may change the price of the membership packages at any time. If you have already registered your account and have a live listing your membership price will not be effected, price will only effect new users before they open an account. If you cancel your recurring payment to Global Biz Buyer and decide to start up recurring again under the same account you may be required to agree and pay the new price if there is a change.

8. Global Biz Buyer requires the seller to be responsible for their listings, therefor listings are not to be false, misleading, fraudulent contain or content that contains rude, indecent, this includes images. If the seller breaks these rules Global Biz Buyer reserves the right to remove this listing with immediate effect and will will delete and close your account. If your account is closed because of this reason, you will not receive a refund if any payments have been made. However if we feel you have broken these rules by mistake will first ask you to amend your listing. If your listing is removed you will be notified by email and the reasons why.

9. The user opening the account with Global Biz Buyer is responsible for making any payments.

10. Global Biz Buyer can not be responsible for any listing including the sellers true identity, listing accuracy, listing text listing images.

11. Global Biz Buyer does not accept the responsibly for data including addresses & contact numbers.

12. Do not use Global Biz Buyers website to upload or edit website content to expose a security flaw which would effect our database, website servers or effect our users or membership users.

13. Violate any law of the Legal laws in your country & laws in United Kingdom.

14. The seller must understand that buyers using Global Biz Buyer website may give out false information or spam to your email address.

15. You must not use any software or any operating system to extract information from Global Biz Buyers Website. This is to protect us and our users.

16. Global Biz Buyer will delete, close your account and delete your listing if you are listing anything else other than to do with selling a business or a business property. If your account is closed because of this reason, you will not receive a refund if any payments have been made.

17. The seller membership account must understand that the Global Biz Buyer website or part of the website may go down from time to time for any website upgrades, server upgrades, crashes, or any other issues. If this happens your listing may stop working or go down until website is back up and running. If any planned website upgrades are in place you will see a notice banner within the seller dashboard.

18. If your seller membership account package stops working please contact us via email and we will help to have your account or listing back up and running or how to solve it.

19. Global Biz Buyer reserves the right to change and update terms and conditions at any point.